Summer is over, school has started, and everyone is getting back into a schedule.  After all the hustle and bustle of the season, it's time to start thinking again about listing your house.  Although Spring is known for home sales, Autumn is also great for listing your home.  The market is different so you need to know how to present your home for a quick sale.  There are three things you can do to help prepare your home for sale during this season:

1)  Price your home correctly.  There are generally fewer homes on the market at this time of year.  People who are looking to buy want to find something quickly before the cold weather makes it uncomfortable to move.  

2)  Present your home in the best possible light.  Leaves and sticks should be raked, gutters and sidewalks should be cleaned, flower beds should be weeded and winterized, if necessary.  Add outdoor lights and fall decorations to add warmth and brightness to welcome any potential buyers.

3)  Prepare the inside of your home for buyers.  Clean out fireplaces and HVAC systems.  De-clutter your home by storing personal items and pictures.  Create ambiance by burning scented candles or incense, baking cookies, or simmering vanilla in the oven.  Turn all the lights on before you show your home.

As always, don't be afraid of feedback from potential buyers or their real estate agents.  These opinions are a valuable way to gain insight on what others might need from your home to make it perfect for them.

Your home has been your sanctuary, your family's meeting place and your entertainment hub.  We want nothing more than to make it the perfect space for the next homeowner.  When you list with us, we will be happy to give it our expert evaluation to maximize the value of your home for you.